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the ffusion project -
Albanian Polyphony

Released April 2023

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the ffusion project - Albanian Polyphony

‘Albanian Polyphony’ is a collection of world fusion tracks I have written recorded exclusively for the ffusion project.

Released on the Futureworks Music label, ‘the ffusion projectAlbanian Polyphony’ is a collection of tracks recorded with the iso-polyphonic singing group ‘Thesaret Labe’. These traditional Albanian folk songs from the Labëri region of Southern Albania have been fused with my own style of ambient and progressive rock, taking on a new life whilst still staying true to the traditions of iso-polyphony, speaking of love and beauty, heroism and heroes of the past.

Recorded at:

AK Records Studio, Tirana, Albania
Riverside Studios, Salford
Delph Studio, Manchester

Performed by:

Thesaret Labe – iso-polyphonic vocals
David Cummins – vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass
Eleanor Ross – vocals
Altin Gjoni – electric guitar
Joe Savage – drums

Produced by David Cummins

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