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Album review – Justyn W. Brodsky: Artist Reach Music Blog

Very few artists can truly tackle the creativity and precision like recording artist David Cummins with his album/LP ‘Reflections.’ Reminiscent of a more energetic Pink Floyd vibe, this tightly knit 11-track juggernaut is magnificently versatile with a signature sound that has innovative multi-layers, but still remains consistent with its structures and dynamic use of several instruments to articulate its artistic merit. And that’s why doing a deep dive into David‘s album is not only interesting, but rewarding as well.

If this is the first time giving David Cummins a listen, then you’re in for quite a ride. Each track has a unique presence of balance and composure that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener nostalgic callbacks to previous Progressive Rock eras, but at the same time, offering up something fresh and new that stands out on its own and really grasps its own flavorful textures. With impressively dynamic use of synths and keys throughout each song, along with solidly smooth crunchy guitar leads to parallel the atmospheric rhythm section, David Cummins voice is presented in a way that’s effective, clean and magically ambient with the additional harmonies throughout every vocal melody choice that is utilized. His mid-range vocals are perfect for this album’s vibes and really showcase his integrated use of harmonies and transitions, but it’s something you really need to hear to believe. It’s an intense ride into atmosphere and melodic soundscapes, and truly gives you a soothing listening experience with several elements to take in as the album’s duration plays out.


One track that really stands out is the more upbeat “Caterpillar Eyes,” which features Calum Robertson (who performs on several tracks on this record). This groovy and synth-driven track is doused with beautiful dual guitar work, multifaceted use of piano/keys and poetic lyrics that really adds to the song’s overall atmosphere. The futuristic production value and intelligently crafted transitions make “Caterpillar Eyes” one of the most notable on this album, and is truly thought provoking upon the first listen. Overall, ‘Reflections’ is an album that will definitely be analyzed by musicians and producers in the years to come, and beloved by those who get ahold of this record. It’s honestly unlike anything you’ll hear in today’s era of contemporary artists and really raises the bar for other artists truly trying to capture a masterpiece of atmosphere and versatility like David Cummins craft in ‘Reflections.’ The album is currently available on Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.

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