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Eagle - Ffusion project

David Cummins – the ffusion project live

The ffusion project is a new venture by David Cummins that brings together the music of different cultures, different genres and different styles.

6UP Live on December 8th 2022 saw David performing live on stage at the Eagle Inn, Salford with Joe Savage, Simon Seale-Hall, Altin Gjoni and Pete Smith. Their 30 minute set of ‘Folk Rock’ went down a storm. Hopefully this will be the first of many ffusion project live performances.


Review of the night – by Jill Boughey

Following the success of the inaugural Futureworks Music Live event at The Eagle Inn last April was always going to be a tall order, but their Xmas showcase at the same venue gave it a good run for its money!


The Eagle Inn is one of the Northwest live circuit’s best-kept secrets, tucked away in the side streets surrounding Trinity Way and the sprawling entrance to Salford. The line-up was chocker full of new and established student and graduate performers all studying media degrees ranging from Animation, Audio Engineering and Music Production at the local media-focused University, Futureworks. Their ‘in-house’ record label hosts these events and these kids have seriously got something to offer while they ‘cut their teeth’ on stage performing to a warm and enthusiastic audience. After quizzing one label’s reps, they aim to give the students a real experience of the live music industry and boy, it did that with the mosh pit throbbing, heart-tugging vocals and pretty cool musicianship from all. The multi-genre roster was definitely that, with sounds covering Rap, Lo-Fi, Rock (Alt, Prog and Folk), Trap, and Pop with some electro thrown in.

The whole evening was an absolute blast, I’d gone down to see a friend in one of the bands and was early, fortunately as there appeared to be a free bar when I arrived, I was encouraged to take advantage by the hosts!

There were far too many stand-out live performances to write about here, but for someone who just popped down to see an early performance but ended up staying until the end, I’d say it was well worth it. Thanks to the performers, David Cummins & The Ffusion Project, 25th Hour, Sedgi, Bax (MNR020), Robyn Falke, Malik, S-Approval featuring Alex and then to wrap it up the excellent Mickey Taylor who after checking online has some serious fans around the world.

They have another event to celebrate the end of their studies in April which I’ll be sure to wander down to again, highly recommended.